The Local Mug Club

      If you are truly “a local”, make sure to sign up to become a “Mug Club Member”; there are 220 spots and a waiting list.  For $50 a year you will receive your very own mug hung above the bar and be able to take advantage of weekly beer specials and our annual “Mug Club Party”.


Mug Club Benefits
Personal 20oz mug
25% more beer (20oz pour instead of 16oz pint)
Mug Club specials every Monday & Tuesday on featured drafts
Mug Club member shirt
Annual Mug Club member party
Additional benefits for 5 year members

Mug Cub Lrg

To sign up send a request to, with the subject 'Mug Club'
Visit the Pub for more information

Mondy - Friday: 11:30 AM - Midnight BodyDiv Saturday - Sunday: 9:30 AM - Midnight